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CZURDA Riesling
Sweet temptation, 2025

This wine is still in production


In Győrszemere, our Riesling (Geisenheimer Gm 239-34 on 5BB / Fercal) tends to exhibit notes of ripe fruits, such as apricot, white peach, pineapple, mango, and lime with an elegant minerality and noticeable levels of acidity that are balanced with residual sugar.  Our grapes grow in a mineral-rich soil of loess and limestone on young vines. 
We harvest relatively late in the season, by hand. The fruit is pressed as a whole grape and fermented with Mosel yeast for more than nine months. Wooden barrels are not used here; the wine emerges fresh and crisp out of steel tanks. CZURDA Riesling's naturally high acidity and pronounced fruit flavours give wines exceptional aging potential, and favourable vintages often taking on a "petrol" character. By the way, some call it ‘spring water’ because it consciously contains low alcohol.

We do not call our wine “organic” and we will not undergo a bio-certification. However, we use plant-protection products minimally, and only those which are normally recognised to obtain the bio-certificate. By conviction, we produce our wine naturally and sustainably with the highest respect for both the environment and climate. We work manually as much as possible, to respect our natural product, and to be authentic. 

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