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CZURDA Riesling
If you like it dry, 2020

CZURDA Riesling_Falstaff 90 Punkte klein_edited.png

Inspired by encouragement from a couple of the savvier wine experts tasting our CZURDA Riesling, Sweet Temptation, we made a spontaneous creative attempt towards a more familiar, dry taste, and the result surprised us. OK, we are blowing our own trumpet, but it has hit us like a fantastic, unexpected bombshell!


Taste buds are pampered by the delights of honey, ripe peaches, acacia flowers, a little thyme, beneficial acids, full and layered aromatics, and a beautiful minerality.

​Our grapes grow in loess and limestone soils on six-year-old vineyards. We harvest the fruit relatively late, by hand, pressing it whole and fermenting it with wash yeast for more than six months. The process takes place without a wooden barrel; rather the wine is fresh and crisply fermented in steel tanks. It has 6.6 g/l acidity with 5.4 g/l sugar with an alcohol content of 13%.

​2020 was the first dry year in the history of our small vineyard in Győrszemere. So far, only 250 bottles have been produced, but since the health of the vines has greatly improved and we expanded the production area last year, we plan to raise the stakes further. The production area is located near Pannonhalma, where a Benedictine Abbey enhances the reputation of Hungarian Rieslings.

​The dry Czurda Riesling is a great match for a variety of dishes, including veal, duck, porc and fish roasts. I promise, he wine will never be boring!

CHF 24.50

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