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CZURDA Riesling
Sweet temptation, 2021

Of course, it is not only experienced sommeliers who know that an excellent - with 92 Parker points recognized - residually sweet CZURDA Riesling, regardless of personal taste, plays a significant role in gastronomy. Many dishes strongly call for residual sugar and acid for pairing, for example, spicy dishes, like Asian cuisine in general or spicy sausage. Some higher-fat dishes, like foie gras, Swiss fondue, or, say, roasted pork, also require acid and residual sugar. Of course, on its own, a sweet wine is the perfect refreshment on a hot summer's day. That was the idea that guided me when I decided to consciously grow this German-style Riesling in Hungary.

The 2021 CZURDA Riesling, Sweet Temptation, brings expected elegance; ripe fruits like apricot, pear, and pineapple alight on the nose, spiced with hints of thyme. The dried fruit aroma comes from grapes and raisins harvested late in October but not botrytised. The lively acidity and residual sugar are in perfect balance and round off the complex aromas perfectly, paired with a beautiful minerality. Clean, precise, classic, and complex, with a decidedly long finish. It is therefore elegant, light, and well balanced.

Our Geisenheimer clones are grown in vineyards with loess and limestone soils. The slope is steep and south-facing with optimal sunshine and warm winds that dry the autumn moisture and allow the use of fewer pesticides. Thus, the grapes remain on the vine for a long time, contributing to their signature aromatic character.

This is the same late harvest must that we use for our CZURDA Riesling If you like it dry. The late harvesting is done exclusively by hand. The fruit is pressed whole and fermented for over six months with yeast from the Mosel. No wooden barrels are used; instead, the wine comes out of steel tanks fresh, crisp, and full of aroma. Acidity 7.5 g/l, sugar 26 g/l, and alcohol 11.5%. In 2021, we produced 780 bottles of our Riesling Sweet Temptation, sealed with both screw caps and corks.


Enjoy CZURDA Riesling Sweet Temptation with food or on its own. I guarantee you won't get bored!


Price CHF 26.60 (incl. VAT of 7.7%)

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