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WINE & FOOD PAIRING workshop - ten snacks and five wines - in each combination.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Henrik Czurda invited those who love exciting, experiential learning in form a unique food pairing workshop. The workshop, which was held at the «Kóstolom Borbár» in Budapest, also targeted those who work in the gastro industry and would deepen their gastronomic knowledge of wine and food pairing. The participants first used the acquired knowledge to guess which food could match best with which wine, and then they systematically tasted all wines with all dishes.

The food snacks were prepared by Balázs Pethő (ex Csalogány26), one of the pioneering chefs of Hungarian top gastronomy, and Henrik Czurda prepared five excellent Hungarian white wines.

At the end and based on votings, they put together which food was best suited to which wine. Thus, we approached the basics of pairing through sensory experience!

czurda_rajnai_workshop cikk boraszportal
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